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To eliminate pain or restricted movement book a Private Free to Move Consultation today. 

If you are suffering ongoing or chronic pain, or experiencing restricted movement, balance, or flexibility issues, then a private consultation with a highly skilled Movement Rehabilitation Specialist can help. 

Your first private consultation includes a detailed personal assessment. This will accurately identify your current range of movement and main areas of concern. 

After completing your assessment, a detailed plan to address your pain and work with you to restore optimum flexibility and movement as quickly as possible, will be discussed. 

Our Individual Movement Solution (IMS) system allows bodies of all ages to improve their range of motion, reduce pain and maintain flexibility, balance, and strength so you can enjoy a better quality of life. 

The initial private consultation is $95 and includes a detailed Personal Assessment. Ongoing private sessions are $75 each. 

Call Inez today on 0418 898 328 or email to book your Private Consultation.

What our Client's Say

I was referred to Inez as I wanted to get my pain resolved. Inez listened to my problems resulting from a car accident and helped me to no end - and thank goodness she was able to. She was always prepared to listen and showed me ways to improve my back and leg problems. I would highly recommend Inez. She listens to her clients problems and always finds ways to help. I only wish we lived closer as I would go to her every week.

Inez made me feel very welcome and did a personal follow up afterwards which I appreciated.

My key takeaway was to get more sensible shoes (and I did) and how to walk more efficiently. I've felt much improvement and all of the treatment enhancers were useful. Inez is highly professional and knows exactly what treatment to give her clients. I highly recommend her services.
Edith Brooks
Aged 73
After experiencing severe groin pain, a close friend highly recommended Inez's soft tissue therapy as she had received excellent results herself. It was a worthwhile investment as I now have greater ease with walking and no pain, as well as ease with other body movements. The booking process was easy and prompt and I was made to feel very welcome in the session. A key learning for me was how to make walking more fluid. I feel great improvement and would recommend Inez to anyone after great results. Thank you Inez.
Jan Burk
Aged 77

Wanting to be more flexible, balanced, and strong?

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