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Your booking with Inez is nearly there. This private relaxed session has one goal, to give you feedback and equip you with a resource you can use straight away. Inez is looking forward to your time together.
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Our Testimonials

  • Deboarah Lovett

    Aged, 62
    I have been mystified by just how much better I feel after every Free to Move class I do.  Inez’s approach to teaching movement techniques means you always feel safe, supported, and comfortable and the results she gets speak for themselves.  I am delighted with how much steadier I feel on my feet and I am so much more confident to be able to get out and do things instead of feeling uncertain.   I was losing my range of motion in my joints and was finding it increasingly difficult to get down on the ground to garden or clean and even to get up from a sitting position was becoming more of an effort.  I recommend people of all ages to see the difference for yourself.
  • Lyn GoodChild

    Aged, 74
    Right from the first session I saw a huge improvement on how much better I was walking and moving. I was dancing around my kitchen which I haven’t been able to do for a very long time. I don’t feel like I’m going to fall over any more that is a big thing for me. I no longer getting cramping, especially when I get in and out of the car. I can move my hips more freely and I’m able to do much more. It really helps to have someone helping who knows what they are doing. There is still much to master but each session is fun, engaging and challenging.